I’ve been living with the ghost of this book for about four years now and finally it has become a reality.  I couldn’t just start writing it when I thought about it because I was deep into the Claire Gulliver mysteries and I just couldn’t stop what I was writing and move on to a new person and new story, abandoning Claire.  And eventually I started the Glenda books, I then had to identify and develop the characters, the action and the plot.  So I’ve been immersed in Glenda, the central coast of Oregon and Zylda for a long time now.  In fact my mind is already working out the events in the next book.


However, I’m very interested as to whether or not the readers who have enjoyed my Claire Gulliver mysteries will also like my Glenda stories.  These new books have an element of the spiritual in them.  I hadn’t planned it to be there at the beginning but Zylda had always been an intended victim.  Unfortunately, by the time the crime was to happen I had come to be so fond of Zylda I didn’t want her to die.  So I did what an old friend suggested, I had her come back from the other side.  It makes an entirely different story but I like it and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.


I invite you to send your comments which I will consider as I’m writing the next adventure and hopefully the end results will end up with something we both like.  Meanwhile, happy reading.