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Book Title: Gayle's Tales
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth

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I wrote these stories in the ’80’s hoping to get them published in a magazine but alas, that was just about the time most monthly magazines were disappearing and the market for fiction contributions had shrunk drastically. So I filed them away in the filing cabinet which subsequently got moved to Houston and stored in the garage. A couple of months ago I went looking for one of the stories and found the whole bunch. I had fun reading them again and so I thought I would do something with them rather than just file them back in the garage.

These stories are all based on things I saw, and things I experienced in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s surprising to me now how light-hearted they are considering the civil unrest, the unpopular war and the explosion of illegal drug usage that were rife during that period. Younger readers will probably be amazed there are no cell phones, no personal computers, no Facebook or Twitter usage in these stories. The more mature readers will remember when we didn’t have those things, indeed, never dreamed they would exist or that we would all think we needed them.

I offer this book of stories to you as a glimpse into the life of a single girl during another era, for a fun read and hopefully a chuckle. Enjoy!

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