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Book Title: Gayle's Legacy
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth

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Gayle’s Legacy, Recipes, Hints & Stories Culled from a Lifelong Relationship with Food.

What the book is about: This book is more than a cookbook, it is the author’s family history told through the recipes they love, the stories they tell in the kitchen while they’re cooking and the pictures of the family events where food is served. This could be anyone’s family and the recipes are the favorites which repeatedly show up at family occasions and are passed down from generation to generation. The stores are the ones told in the kitchens while explaining how to prepare the recipes, some are humorous, some poignant; combined they create a picture of this family which will live beyond their time in this world. The pictures culled from many of the albums make the members of the family live in the memories of the readers who will begin to feel as if they are also members of this family.

If you like comfort food, if you enjoy eating, but are uncertain about your cooking skills, or if you are looking for a certain recipe of a dish you remember from your childhood, this is the book for you. Not only are the recipes of old favorites included but it is also a How To book. Each step in assembling the recipe is explained in thorough and simple steps so anyone can successfully produce the dish.

And even if you are an expert in the kitchen you will enjoy this book. The stories and the pictures are a delicious read by themselves.

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