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Book Title: Tea is for Terror
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth
Mystery Series: Claire Gulliver

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The first book in the Claire Gulliver Mystery series, Tea is for Terror, finds Claire co-sponsoring a tour of England with her friend and travel book author, Lucy Springer. Lucy’s latest book, An Armchair Traveler’s Adventure, and the tour, are aimed at wannabe travelers who haven’t yet ventured out of the United States. The “untour,” as they call it, follows Lucy’s book’s agenda, testing the itinerary while verifying the data contained in the manuscript for the final edit.

Before the trip even begins, it becomes apparent that someone has a hidden agenda. A freak accident renders Lucy unable to travel, and Claire reluctantly agrees to lead the “untour.” She is relying on the professional tour guide who will meet them in London.

The reader joins this “untour” as it wends through the countryside of England and Wales as they are plagued with strange events, accidents, and even a “misadventure.” Oddly enough, despite all the problems encountered, the remaining members are thrilled with the trip and eager to travel again now that they’ve completed their virgin journey. But the “untour” isn’t over yet. Lucy never said it could be like this!

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