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Book Title: Carnage Goes Costal
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth
Mystery Series: Claire Gulliver

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Claire is about to embark on the ‘happily ever after’ episode of her life with retired CIA agent, Jack Rallins. But, when you have children, ‘happily ever after’ seems only true in fairy tales. And whoever heard of a ‘retired’ spy?

Karen Rallins has been living in New York City since graduating from college and prides herself on her city smarts and landing a great job with a future, until she becomes pregnant. At first, she’s furious, at herself for her stupidity, and at her boyfriend for his duplicity. Now, she’s terrified. Someone is trying to murder her.

Desperate, Karen calls her father, but when was he, a CIA agent, ever around when she needed him? However, this time when she calls, instead of her father a woman answers, and she offers hope.

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