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Book Title: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth
Mystery Series: Claire Gulliver

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Since she was a child, Claire Gulliver had watched the gleaming white cruise ships slipping under the Golden Gate Bridge heading for adventure on the high seas. Finally she was on board.

She and her friend, travel book writer, Lucy Springer, join her mother, Millie Gulliver and her mother’s long time friend, Ruth Clarkson, on board the luxurious ship Dreamy Seas for a cruise to Alaska. They are all looking forward to hanging out with the girls’, being pampered by the ship’s personnel and exploring the picturesque gold rush towns of Alaska.

They feel exceeding lucky to be seated at a dinner table with six other interesting people, including three single men. At first it appears that Lucy’s objective of finding them eligible men for dance partners, as well as add a little romance to the excursion, is going to be easily met, but unfortunately, some of the candidates have other agendas. Nothing is ever what it seems and as usual Claire is in the middle of it all. Only this time her mother is right by her side.

If you’ve been cruising you’ll want to be on board; if you’ve never cruised here is your opportunity to see what it’s like. ALL ABOARD!

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