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Book Title: Washington Weirdos
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth
Mystery Series: Claire Gulliver

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Washington Weirdos, the second novel in the Claire Gulliver Mystery series, is a compelling, edge-of-the-seat drama played out against the background of our nation’s capital.

Claire Gulliver, middle-aged librarian turned travel bookshop owner, only wants to return to her comfortable staid life in the small peninsula town south of San Francisco after her first travel adventure nearly cost her life and certainly cost her peace of mind. But when the letter came from David Lickman, the President and CEO of Vantage Airlines, containing such a warm and cordial invitation, it seemed too good to refuse.

The trip to Washington D.C. begins with an attempt on Claire’s life. That’s enough for Claire, she’s ready to go home immediately but the authorities question whether the attack against Claire was personal or a random act of violence. They decide it would be prudent for her to stay put until they investigate. Her hosts, the Lickmans, are certain they can keep her safe until the authorities unravel this mystery.

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