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Book Title: I Love A Parade
Book Author: Gayle Wigglesworth
Mystery Series: Glenda at Large

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Glenda launched herself, at large in the world to explore all those places she had always wanted to visit. And she intended to stop and visit all those friends and relatives she always meant to visit but never had time. Recently, between her stressful business of contracting with medium sized companies to successfully manage major computer change projects and acting as a key prosecution witness in a shocking murder case in Houston, she just wants a change, an adventure. She wasn’t expecting to fall into one before she even cleared the Texas border.

This short story was first published in 2007 as part of an anthology called “Dead and Breakfast, The Final Twist Anthology”, published by LLDreamspell. Subsequently the rights to this story has been returned to me. Meanwhile, I became attached to the character and decided to develop a series called, Glenda at Large.

The first book in this series, Murder Most Mysterious, is now available on Kindle in both paperback and e-book formats.

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