I am in a very frustrating period in my life.  I have to confess it’s only been two days but I feel as if it’s been forever.  After much discussion and deliberation, my husband and I agreed to change our web provider and bundle that service with a change of phone and cable TV.  Financially it made good sense.  Also it would provide us with DVR (which would hurdle us into the current century) which is a welcome addition.  The helpful man who installed us the day before yesterday was knowledgeable and helpful.  He explained everything and we forgot most of it as soon as he was out the door.

   My husband was so pleased to be able to record Jeopardy, which airs here at 11:30 p.m., but  when we went to view it the next evening we found it only recorded one minute and that was the ending of Dave Letterman.  Then we couldn’t get the TV in the bedroom to even turn on.  In fact, all day long   we tried to turn on or off either TV we had a struggle.  We tell ourselves we will eventually get it, but until then we feel very stupid.

   But the big problem is the internet.  Our old internet service  will be turned off today sometime and we can’t send or receive yet on our new.  We’ve called everyone we know for help.  The new service provider told me we had everything set up correctly so it must be a problem with Microsoft.

   So now I’m not communicating with most people and I can’t notify them of my change and even if they knew my new address, I can’t get any messages they might send.  I feel I’ve been thrust in the dark ages.  My one ray of hope comes from my daughter who says she knows how to fix it but she’s spending the morning on the soccer fields with the twins.  She emailed me instructions but of course they didn’t arrive, not even on the web site of the new server.  I am waiting for that one hour window of time she had free to see if we can fix it.

   But, I’m certain I will get if fixed, I just need the patience to get through the  elements of change.  And I’m already hoping I won’t forget this mess the next time we get the bright idea to improve our lot by making a change.  Change is really for the bright, younger generation who have the guts and the stamina to survive it.