Glenda Wheatley, the heroine of my newest mystery series, Glenda at Large, came about when I decided to participate in an anthology my writing group, The Final Twist, was trying to put together.  By the time I made up my mind to be included the deadline was almost upon us.  But sometimes I do my best work under pressure.

I already had the kernel of the plot in my mind, but the protagonist had to be developed for the story to come together.  I built Glenda  modeled after a friend of mine, also named Glenda.  And the story was completed and accepted.  The title of that story is I Love a Parade, and it’s included in Dead and Breakfast Anthology.

However, I was so pleased with Glenda I immediately decided she deserved more.  She deserved her own series I’m now about half way through the first book in my Glenda at Large Mystery Series and I have the next two planned.  At this point I don’t know where the series is going later but if it’s anything like my Claire Gulliver Series, by the time I get into the third book, the fourth will already be bubbling and stewing in my brain.

The fun part of writing a series is the opportunity to continually connect with the characters in the book.  They become like family.  As soon as you start the book you feel as if they’re coming through your door for a visit.  You all just get comfortable because they’ll be around until the last page is written.

And I’m continually surprised how the characters try to take control.  They sometimes have their own ideas about where the plot will go.  In this first book, Glenda meets a character on the beach named Zylda.  Zylda is a local psychic and somehow has gotten the mistaken idea that Glenda has come to town to take over her practice for her, as Zylda will soon be passing on.  Glenda has no skills, no desire to explore psychic pheonomen and tells Zylda so.  As the story moves on Zylda is scheduled to be the murder victim, but unfortunately, I found myself attached to her and when the time came, I didn’t want to do the dastardly deed.

When I complained about this on my Face Book fan page, I was at a complete halt in the progress of the book.  One of the fans suggested Zylda hang around psychically.  And so now Zylda is going to be Glenda’s spirit guide.  We’ll see how together they manage to solve this mystery.

Now I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a spoiler for any of you, but many times my books don’t end up going exactly where I think they will when I start.  I find it fun, and hopeful, having this element of surprise ready to pounce.  Feel free to respond with your opinion as to whether or not I should keep my mouth shut in the future, and keep checking here or sign up on my fan page to keep track of what I’m doing. with Murder Most Mystifying.