Claire Gulliver, a single business woman in her forties has led a an uneventful life in San Francisco until doing a favor for a friend of her mother thrusts her into a situation where she almost loses her life. It is a traumatic experience and while she survives and indeed helps the police solve the mystery her life is now turned upside down. She had learned that sometimes bad things happen to good people.


Glenda Wheatley a sixty-two year old, bottle blonde, outgoing and slightly plumb woman manages complicated system conversions for medium sized businesses which aren’t big enough to have qualified staff of their own tucked away for when they are needed. Glenda has built this service into a successful business and has found a niche which has supported her and her eighteen employees more than adequately over the past twenty years. However the pressure from managing multiple projects while also being the star witness at the sensational trial of a murder she witnessed has proven to be too much for her. When the trial is finally over she just wants to get out of town, the town being Houston. She decides it’s time to retire and enjoy life. She sells her business and her house, she puts her belongings in storage and takes off in her car to explore this big nation she lives in, but has never seen. When she tires of the nomad life, then she plans to decide where she will put down roots for the rest of her retirement life.