I finally wrote the final sentence of the first book in my new mystery series, Murder Most Mysterious, a Glenda at Large Mystery. I’ve been reluctant to end this book, as I am most books. The characters, plot and setting has been living in my head for months and it’s hard to let them go. Hence the diddling around I do to delay writing the end. I know I do this, but I just can’t seem to break myself of this delaying tactic.

What finally pushed me to finish it was lately my mind has been busy with two new projects. I’m anxious to get started on the next book in this series with the plot now forming in my mind, and I am thinking how to update STEEL VAULTS a book I wrote many years ago and despite my failure to find a publisher for it, I believe it is a great story. But like eating dessert before my dinner, my upbringing won’t allow me start on those two projects until I finished my current one.

Today I plan to print the draft, actually turn my thoughts into a tangible, physical book, and let my husband read it. He has been subjected to random discussions about plot, characters and problems for months now, yet has not seen any pages and so he doesn’t really have any concept of what I’ve written. Hopefully he will be pleasantly surprised. But no matter, after he’s read it, we’ll have a conversation, and if needed, I’ll do the first edit before giving it to my readers. Meanwhile, I can legitimately start the other projects knowing eventually this book will get a final edit and get published. I’ll let you know when that is coming.